The Brand

Hey, kiddo.

You are fast like a rocket and explore the world with the speed of light. All the stars shine in your eyes, as you are the whole Universe to the ones that love you. You are a Moon Child, and no Galaxy is too far for you. We believe in your potential and know how important it is to let you discover the world on your own, so you are welcome to join the journey to the moon and back!

About us

Moonkid born in the 2018 year, is a functional wear brand for kids based in Riga, Latvia. Our family-owned company has all the knowledge, love and care to give further to your little ones. High-quality, fashionable look and functionality are key to our wear collection. Moonkid embraces both fashion and function in one.

We fully embrace the active kid’s lifestyle as well as unpredictable and ever-changing weather conditions. So we created for our little ones high-quality and comfortable thermal wear. What’s special about it, that for colder seasons it works as a thermal base layer, but no need to hide only under outdoor clothes, it also functions as fashionable casual wear and compliments your wardrobe all year round.

We select fabrics with a certificate, manufacture under fair conditions and choose local seamstress craftsmanship.

To us, it is important to be kind to the planet. So we strive to create an environmentally conscious brand that values quality over quantity. As part of our commitment to planet earth, we align with slow fashion movement principles, that’s why our garments are produced in small amounts. Moonkid clothing is designed to last - combining high-quality fabric which offers long-term durability, together with our unisex model design makes it timeless so to be given to next generations.